eva norberg

Textile "Let Life enjoy us" 2 x 2,2 meters. Postal terminal Sundsvall.

The loom that has been working at least 100 years, even before me! This side is my working side and turned upwards in the loom. The frontside turned out like this. But I cannot see it until the textile is finished and out of the loom. Lining on the back and ready for the wall. This is the backside of another textile.

Living in Sundsvall
A bit too far upp north than what´s considered to be healthy!

To create is a way to live out feelings, questions, dreems and fear, predict the future. Face new challences - dare to be a rebell. To take on those things you would like to be better at.
I have no education in art - consider me as autodidact.

As a kid, it was allways colours that mattered. And thanks to my parents I met lots of odd artists and musicians. They lived for their art and ended late nights with long heavy conversations about life, the soul and yor existence.

In the 70th´s, me and my friends went traveling to Istanbul and Teheran. We were five exhausted and hungry lunatics that arrived to Istanbul in a blue little Volksvagen, in the middle of the night. We wished we hade something to eat, like a hot dog. But we were scared to get out of the car, because of the stray dogs running around. With precision they would turn over the garbage cans and opened the lid in hunt for food.

The travel lasted in 6 month. After that everyting really got started... with the art, traveling and my three lovely kids that grew up in the muddle.

Started making textils on a borrowed loom. Made experiments that resulted in a technique that suited me. Later on I was told that it reminded of the medieval soumak technique. I had to develop the technique for a very long time before I got the results I wanted.

I make my textiles on a usual handloom with a two shaft technique and thinly cut textile strips, woven in. My God, have I have cut many textile strips in my life!
Because I weave with the backside up, the motiv shows up mirrored on the other side. The backside of the motiv is turned upwards in the loom. You might have to crawl under the loom to se what you have done.
All textiles gets lining on the back and different kind of tied fringes.
Some are displayed on wooden sticks with hanging fringes while others may have the frings sewed into a matching materiel.

There are periods of weaving and periods of painting. Two different way of expressions that has become equally important to me. A way of
living.......and its hard to stop.

Painting with acrylic colours and some mixed techniques on canvas. The motives are often far from my woven motivs. It can be both fantasy, science fiction, comics or visions. Sometimes I do carpentry works for the frames. Frames have a tendency to destroy the depth in a painting, thats why I decided to leave it and not frame. It looks much better when only the motives stands out directly from wall.

At the request of different companies I painted some designed sculptures. They stands out like an advertising poster for the company and becomes a part of the adornment in the city. They are placed in Sundsvall, Gävle and Umeå.

12 Hamnmagasinet Mellanfjärden
11 Bygdegårdarnas riksförbund
11 Galleri C Sörberge
10 Ånge Konsthall
08 Bodens Konstgille
07 Galleri Ögat Sundsvall
05 Galleri Utter Matfors
05 Ånge Konsthall
03 Galleri ET Stöde
03 Galleri 13 art & litter Sundsvall
03 Galleri Q-lagret Sundsvall
02 Konst på väg Örbyhus
01 Timrå Konstförening
01 Konst på väg Örbyhus
00 Telia Stockholm
00 Galleri Tinell Sundsvall
98 Kramfors Konsthall
97 Galleri Blå Katten Sundsvall
96 Galleri Sinklar Sundsvall
94 Vattenfestivalen Stockholm
93 Galleri Grottan Sundsvall
91 Utö Världshus
90 Galleri Lustgården Alnö
84 Nordbanken Sundsvall
81 Djurgården Stockholm
80 Nordbanken Stockholm
79 Galleri Max Luleå
79 Y-Salong Sundsvall
78 Samlingsut. Sundsvalls Museum
77 Galleri Boa Härnösand
76 Galleri Versalen Sundsvall
74 Galleri Timmermannen Uppsala
72 Blå Koppen Hudiksvall

Folkets Hus Östersund
Othems Bygdegårdsför. Gotland
Folkets Hus Gävle
Vårdhem Sundsvall
Daghem Njurunda
Servicehus Matfors
Söderhamns Sjukhus
Postens Terminal Sundsvall
Hillsta Gård Johannedal
Metodistkyrkan Härnösand
Telia Koncern
Bergsåkers Travbana 2004
Bolagsverket 2004
United Care 2005
Jernhusen AB 2007
Hospice Sundsvall 2007
Contrado Redovisning AB 2008
Mackmyra Svensk Whisky 2008
Alnö Design & Produktion 2009
Xcited City Branding 2009
Marsliden Fjällby 2009

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